Tuesday, July 1, 2008

a regular morning

So, here I am.... i have a blog (stupid word, blog, dont you think??). Now what?

Well... this morning E. and L. and I went to Woods Hole for a walk... it was foggy and dreary and lousy out... but lovely and salty sea smelling too. I put L. on my back in a wrap and we walked around eel pond. People are so shocked to see a baby on someones back... we must have had half a dozen people stop and stare and ask me how I learned to wrap her up there like that... which is great, at least they were positive about it and wanted to know what its all about and find out more about it. It also gave me a chance to plug the Cape and Islands Babywearers meeting on July 14th, which was nice. I even had a grandma tell me that she might try to come, which would be fun. I am finding that most people are very positive about the idea of babywearing, but hesitant to actually try it... why is that?? They will end up carrying the kiddo in their arms if they don't have a sling, which is so much more tiring, but it doesn't seem to occur to them that they could make their life a little easier.... people are such masochists sometimes. Or maybe some people just really don't like their kids enough to WANT to carry them and make them happy... I don't know... its something that I wish I could change... I would like to see more babies baing carried and less SUV style gigantic strollers. Anyway....

After our walk we headed home through Cape Cod summer traffic and the usual assortment of slow tourists in very large cars made the ride twice as long as it should have been... sometimes I wish I lived in the middle of nowhere so that I could avoid the tourists... then I would miss the people though, and the ocean, and the misty sea smelling mornings walking around the pond with E. and L.

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