Friday, February 6, 2009

little dolly lost

So, what should a mom do when her daughter has lost her favorite doll... the one mommy made for her at christmas... the one that she sleeps with every night... and you know it must be in the house someplace, because you haven't gone anywhere all day... what should a mom do when she has looked in every conceivable hiding place for a doll and all the inconceivable ones too... we're talking sifting through the trash and looking into freezers and under beds... then what? I feel like a terrible mother, like I like should just know where to find it because I am the mom... but I don't... I have exhausted all the possibilities several times over and the doll still has not come forward and admitted to hiding. How could it have even gotten lost in the first place? My immediate thought is to beg the two year old to tell me where she put it and hope that she knows, but she seems as confused by this as I am... and with A away, there is no daddy to help look either. What to do (she said while wringing her hands and tearing her hair)?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

life is what happens...

i haven't posted in ages, and I really don't have an excuse except that I have been busy and my husband is away in the middle of the ocean on a research ship for the next month and half... so, I have been being a single mom for E and L and that doesn't leave a lot of extra time in my day for writing. But I recently started yet another diet, and in an effort to make it work I have downscaled some cup-o-cake recipes and you can find them here at my other bloglosergourmet.

The winter here has been long and gross... we have been busy with snow and ice and I have to saw, though I like winter, I am ready for spring about now. This slushy muck we are getting right now is pretty nasty and I am not looking forward to cleaning up after it.

It's howling outside right now, and I imagine that I will have to go out into it soon... wish me luck in getting the driveway cleared of a ton of leaden sludge.