Tuesday, February 3, 2009

life is what happens...

i haven't posted in ages, and I really don't have an excuse except that I have been busy and my husband is away in the middle of the ocean on a research ship for the next month and half... so, I have been being a single mom for E and L and that doesn't leave a lot of extra time in my day for writing. But I recently started yet another diet, and in an effort to make it work I have downscaled some cup-o-cake recipes and you can find them here at my other bloglosergourmet.

The winter here has been long and gross... we have been busy with snow and ice and I have to saw, though I like winter, I am ready for spring about now. This slushy muck we are getting right now is pretty nasty and I am not looking forward to cleaning up after it.

It's howling outside right now, and I imagine that I will have to go out into it soon... wish me luck in getting the driveway cleared of a ton of leaden sludge.

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