Thursday, August 13, 2009

our days at home

I have been thinking about getting back into blogging lately... I wish I had more time... I love to record our days and what the kids are doing, but somehow it only happens when A is away on a boat in the middle of the ocean someplace.

I am working on making a doll... well, two dolls... for the girls for christmas.... early to start I know, but if I don't start now it will never happen in time. Things are too busy around here though. I am in a wedding this weekend, work is busy with lots of orders for baby carriers coming in and going out... but here I am... here we are... going through our days slowly and quietly at home more often then not. I am looking forward to cool Autumn days... I miss the cool damp smell of leaves on the ground and the chill of a rainy fall morning. I am beginning to feel that I am done with summer and ready to turn my head, heart, and hands to work of making my children's playthings for christmas.

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