Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I am tired and I have spent the evening staring at my old art books wondering "what next?". I am finding it hard to feel enthused about drawing things outside the kitchen somehow... in this Autumn weather somehow I am pulled unavoidably to draw pears and apples, garlic, fresh baked bread... to caress their contours on the page as though caressing the fruit itself. I remember painting some apples once in watercolor.... those apples live forever in my memory so that I can almost smell them, taste them 8 years later

I think I may be obsessed with two things... art and food

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Johanna said...

Maybe you should give in, and draw and paint just food for a while ;)

I love your garlic drawing, I am almost looking for that loose clove on the table next to this....

Thank you for your comment on my blog. On my my back in my profile picture is my daughter Alice, she is now four. I also have a son, Vincent who is one. I still carry him on my back (it would be impossible to manage my life otherwise!) in a Manduca baby carrier. He's a big guy though, so it gets heavy!

I hope to se more of your art, if you get the time to draw (not easy w two kids, I know).