Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ella's all better and wishing for vacation

Ella had her follow-up appointment at Children's Hospital with the pulmonologist. They said her lungs are completely back to normal from the pneumonia and pleural effusion and all back in October. I heaved a huge sign of relief to know that! Not that I thought there would be anything wrong still, but it's good to know it's well and truly behind us.

The landscape here is an imaginary coastline in Prince Edward Island... We go there for our family vacation in the summer, but this year we can't go until August and planning our reservations right now seems so silly when it seems so far off! Alan will be away for most of the summer on a research vessel in the Pacific though, so August was the earliest we could go! I am so wishing for summer though... and tomorrow it's going to snow :(

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